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Nov 24, 2012 6:30pm PST
, do a little math and calculate the food's energy density. take a food, divide the number of calories by the number of grams and try to stick to choices that amount to two or less. lettuce, apples and broccoli are see row. egg is one. soup and guacamole are two. and another way to add volume? add air, whipped foods contain volume but fewer calories. >> when you make a smoothie or you make a shake, you're whipping air into that. >> it's better to enjoy cotton candy than jelly bans or whipped -- beans whipped butter instead of a pat of butter. >> it sounds logical. >> that totally makes sense. >> dr. kim, cbs 5. >>> hey more signs of the season. carols and santa kick off the holidays at the fairmont hotel but the star of the show was a massive gingerbread house. the feat of engineer asking culinary skills -- engineering and culinary skills is 22 feet high and 23 feet wide and made of 7800 blocks of gingerbread and 1,000 pounds of icing and 650 pounds of candy and you can see at the fairmont lobby through january 1st. >>> just cool to look at. >> it really is. my favorite time of year. y
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1